Series 1: The Frampton Menace

Episode One: Those Roommates that Gather Like Lost Socks

Episode Two: True Human Misery

Episode Three: The Vortex of Uncoolness, or The Four Dorks of the Apocalypse

Episode Four: Survivor: Lovely Red Ikea Couch

Episode Five: Come as you Aren’t

Episode Six: High Education, or, So You Think You Have ChlaMattia…

Episode Seven: The Cold Summer in Hell
Part One: One Deadly Plague Leads to Another
Part Two: Battlebot Fodder
Part Three: First Class Idiot
Part Four: Apocalypse Mom
Part Five: London Calling to the Losers of the World
Part Six: It All Started With Pillow Talk…
Part Seven: It Takes a Lot of Sawing to Get Rid of Balls and Chain
Part Eight: It Takes a Lot of Unpacking to Get Rid of Emotional Baggage